Op-eds/Lectures by Ruby Lal

Khabar Magazine Interview (July 2013)

Literary Atlanta Podcast Episode 43: Ruby Lal – Literary Atlanta – a podcast hosted by Alison Law for the reader, writer, book lover, and lit-curious

EMPRESS ON BBC: Saturday 11th August at 20:06 BST on the BBC World Service. You can listen and download the podcast

‘Empress’ details history of India’s ‘Queen of Queens’

Q&A: Ruby Lal discusses her new book on Nur Jahan, empress of the Mughal Empire

Empress Nur Jahan by Ruby Lal: Power and Roses

Coming of Age in Nineteenth-Century India (lecture at Brown University)

MESAS (Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies) Newsletter (Emory College)

Race, Gender, and Inequality (lecture at Middlebury College)

Feminist Landscapes: Teaching and Writing the History of India (lecture at Hong Kong Baptist University)

The Astonishing Reign of Nur Jahan (The Loft Forum Q&A)

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